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Electronica B3-14 is one of the USSR’s first mass produced microcalculators. The first batch was manufactured back in 1975. Its sale price stood at RUB 35 and was the main reason behind its immense popularity.

The calculator had four microcircuits, including the 23-digit shift register K145AP1, the display control K145PP1, the operating register K145IP2 and the microprocessor K145IP1. The first pocket microcalculator B3-04 (as well as B3-09M and B3-14M) featured the above microcircuits too, being the same calculators marketed in different shapes. The only difference between the said calculators consisted in the choice of functions: B3-09M lacked the square rooting function, whereas B3-14M could not perform operations with percents.

The information was provided on an eight-digit vacuum fluorescent display. Three AA batteries sufficed to ensure adequate power supply. Just like B3-09M, this calculator could use a line adapter too.