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The solar-powered Elektronika MK-60 was released in 1982 and manufactured at the Angstrem (Zelenograd, Russia), Billur (Azerbaijan) and Calculator (Ukraine) factories.

45 roubles bought you a simple arithmetic calculator with an eight-digit LCD display, set in a hardy metal case and — a first for Elektronika — able to harness the power of the sun.

The MK-60 was able to perform 11 operations automatically in under 0.6 seconds each.

"The calculator has a one-chip LSI circuit hosting 8,000 transistors and runs on both natural and artificial light (within 2 m of a 100 W bulb).

The automatic power-down that kicks in 10–12 minutes after the last operation is the hallmark of this model," declared the Central Research Institute in their Consumer Electronics News publication.

The MK-60 was followed by the functionally identical MK-60M and an export version — the ELORG-60.

Weight: 60 g or less

Dimensions: 115.2×65.2×9 mm