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    ELEKTRONIKA-155 (metal case)

    The electronic key-driven (the data were entered manually through the keyboard) computing machine of the 1970-s was developed to perform calculations for economic, statistical, R&D and design projects. For example, it could calculate the total resistance of a parallel circuit in several seconds. Accountants used it to calculate a sick leave or a vacation pay in just a few steps, while bankers could easily figure out the amount of a five-year term deposit. The calculator could also produce exponentiation and semi-automatic square rooting.

    In case of an overflow, all the indicators would go off and the point signs would come alight. Once all the 12 digits had been entered, the input device would get blocked. The calculator won a silver medal at the VDNKh exhibition in 1973.

    Its only inconvenience was that during the calculations all the display indicators turned on simultaneously, and the operator had to locate the point sign manually using a special button.

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