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    In Leningrad (now St Petersburg) in 1976, Svetlana started working on a friendlier version of the Elektronika S3-07 — the S3-22. At that time, all calculators came with an AC adapter, and the Elektronika S3-22 was no exception. The model’s plastic case was available in several colour options, of lighter and darker shades. The S3-22 was later repackaged as the MK-22 in 1987.

    Focusing on ease of use, the calculator performs the four arithmetic operations, percentages, and also memory-related processes (with a separate set of keys). There is also a separate key for changing the number sign.

    Weight: 1 kg or less

    Dimensions: 200×170×48 mm

    The Elektronika S3-22 won a gold medal at the 1977 VDNKH exhibition.

    The calculator sports a vacuum fluorescent display with 14 digits, of which only 13 are in use. Twelve digits were used to display numbers, while the thirteenth digit on the right was, somewhat awkwardly, allocated as the “minus” sign.

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