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    Iskra 1103

    Iskra-1103 EKVM (electronic key-driven calculator) was produced between 1976 and 1980 by the Iskra facility in Smolensk and the Schetmash plant in Penza. It was priced at RUB 420.

    Iskra-1103 EKVM was a modification of Iskra-110 EKVM. The calculator can perform (including with sign and point):
    — additions and subtractions;
    — division and multiplication;
    — chain accumulation.

    Iskra-1103 has a vacuum fluorescent display with twelve digits. Calculations are made in algebraic mode with a fixed point. The point is fixed by a keystroke on one of the operation keys after pressing the “C” button. When “+” or “-” are pressed, the point shifts one position to the left, and “✕” or “÷” would shift it one position to the right.

    The device runs on a 220 V mains supply and weighs 2.8 kg. Size: 260✕270✕110 mm.

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