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    Developed in 1974, it may be a stretch to categorise the Elektronika B3-02 as an EKVM. Unlike its bulky cousin, the Elektronika-155, this was a desktop calculator of comparative elegance.

    While able to handle range of economic and accountancy calculations like the Iskra-210 and Elektronika-155, the Elektronika could also deal with both whole and fractional numbers.

    The decimal point on the Elektronika-155 is fixed, meaning that the first input dictates the maximum number of digits allowed in the integral parts of the subsequent numbers.

    The Elektronika has an eight-digit vacuum fluorescent display. When a number is entered or a result is generated which exceeds eight digits, the EKVM switches to OVERFLOW mode, displayed by a “ะŸ” sign. To skip this, the operator has to press the “ะกะš” or “ะก” button.

    The Elektronika weighs just 1.2 kg, with dimensions of 240×173.5×69 mm.

    Source: EKVM datasheet

    Weight: 1.2 kg

    Dimensions: 240×173.5×69 mm

    โ„– 96
    โ„– 94
    โ„– 93
    โ„– 92
    โ„– 91
    โ„– 90
    โ„– 87
    โ„– 86
    โ„– 85
    โ„– 82
    โ„– 79
    โ„– 78
    โ„– 77
    โ„– 75
    โ„– 73
    โ„– 71
    โ„– 69
    โ„– 67
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    โ„– 63
    โ„– 62
    โ„– 61
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