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    Rather than an update of the B3-24, essentially a pilot model, the Elektronika B3-24G featured a calculation logic which was geared towards arithmetic operations and calculations with constants. Released in 1979, the calculator was initially priced at 85 RUB, falling to 30 RUB over the following two years.

    The B3-24G was the first calculator to have designated keys for the memory register. The ะกะŸ (memory reset) key reset the content of the memory register, the ะ˜ะŸ (memory indication) key displayed it, while the ะŸ+ key entered the number into the memory register and added it to the existing value.

    To perform an exponentiation, the user first had to square the number, then push the “=” button repeatedly. As with the B3-23, the results of a calculation were shown on an 8-digit LED display.

    The B3-24G runs on three AA batteries or a line adapter. Its dimensions are 155×78×28 mm and it weighs 150 g (second to the B3-24).

    V. I. Grubov, V. S. Kirdan, S. F. Kozubovsky PC Guide, 1989, p. 281

    Weight: 150 g

    Dimensions: 155×78×28 mm

    โ„– 96
    โ„– 94
    โ„– 93
    โ„– 92
    โ„– 91
    โ„– 90
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